1. Miss New York

From the recording Good For You Know Who


hobos and tacos
and broken-down hondas
no-doze and slo-mos and jane fucking fondas
sunshine and red wine
and how is the torque
i miss new york

fuck you but thank you
may i ask who's calling
run-throughs and jet blues and beach volleyballing
palm trees exposed knees
i punched mickey rourke
but i miss new york

washington square are you still there
do you still have drugs jugglers and bucks to spare

sunglasses free passes
and come see my band
valets and bad plays and condoms in sand
freeways and delays
carnitas means pork
but i miss new york

marine layers mad dog stares and avocados
drunk driving high-fiving money up my nose
texting and sexing
i hugged mickey rourke
i miss new york

tompkins square, are you still there
do you still have bugs mohawks and drugs to spare

Written by Brendan Hines. ©2007 Not Going Further Productions (ASCAP). All rights reserved.